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Captcha in jdownloader bypass

  • Jul 06, 2020
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Before you Download a file with JDownloader, you need to type in usually a Captcha. To work around this, has installed the JDownloader already a small auxiliary function.

Auto recognition of Captcha configure

Completely, you can not bypass the Captcha, but the JDownloader can but try to recognize the Captcha for you, and enter.
  • The corresponding Option can be found in the settings under "modules" and then "JAntiCaptcha". There you will find the setting in the "display threshold".
  • The display threshold is when the JDownloader shows this Captcha. In the case of "0" indicates the JDownloader the Captcha in any case, the default value is "95", the automatic detection is very unsafe to give you the Captcha to display yet, With an average of "50" will solve the JDownloader the Captcha, so just automatically, if he is reasonably sure in the case of "100" is displayed, the field never.
Display threshold was set high to put

Captcha Recognition Software

In a further practical tip we can provide you with other solutions that you Captchas automatically enter can.
The JDownloader is there in our download area. In this gallery you will see the best hidden features to JDownloader.