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Broken MacBook for sale - here it works

  • Aug 07, 2020
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If your MacBook is defective, is not equal to discard. We show you where you can sell your broken MacBook.

MacBook on eBay, and eBay sell classifieds

Many hobbyists and experts buy broken MacBooks to repair it for little money. For that, you should describe but in any case, what is the device defective.
  • At eBay you can the broken MacBook to adjust and hope that the price of the interested in the amount driven will. Depending on the damage, it can be several hundred euros.
  • With eBay classifieds you can use the MacBook with a fixed price (to be negotiated) offer. Maybe buyers in your area are to be found. To look you once before, for example, on eBay, what people would pay for the defective MacBook.
Broken MacBook for sale on eBay

Tip: items individually sell

Often, only certain individual are looking for parts. You have spilled, for example, a drink on your MacBook so the Display is fully functional. The Display of the defective MacBooks, so you can as an item on auction platforms sell.
  • With the sale of the items you can get even more money from the defective MacBook out. You should be sure, however, that the individual parts still work.

Broken MacBook sell for Recycling

Alternatively, you can have the broken MacBook also recycle and even earn a little money. Buy scrap metal dealers, such as Electro World Recycling defective IT equipment to the scrap metal to be recycled.
If you have a used Macbook Pro buy want, we will show you what you need to consider.