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The right projector screen to find

  • Oct 27, 2019
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We will show you in this practice tip, what to look out for when buying a projector Canvas and how to find the right canvas.

Right projector screen will find: aspect ratio note

  • First of all, you should think of what to have for a side ratio of your screen. Common in Business-screens have a ratio of 4:3 is.
  • For a particularly good movie experience, you should choose a 16:9 screen, since most of the movies are produzeirt in 16:9 Format. These are as a home cinema screens is known.
Right projector screen find

Right projector screen find: image, surface, and room size into account

  • To be able to playback on the screen optimally enjoy, is the ratio of the projected image surface to the depth of the Room is important. Using the adjacent table the minimum you can stand to a maximum distance as well as the ideal reading distance.
  • Make sure that you are in a ideal distance from the projector screen.
Right Projector Screen: Distance

Right projector screen find: Ideal size to determine

  • Particularly important is the size of the projector screen. The canvas, for example, is too large, you will have a protruding frame. You should pay attention to the dimensions.
  • You should not remove the projector further from the screen than recommended, because the image cannot be displayed sharp.
  • Tip: A canvas with a black border enhances the contrast of the image and makes the View more pleasant.

Right projector screen find: On additional Features of the eighth

  • With special additional Features, you can use your canvas even more convenient and enjoy. With a motorized screen, for example, you can drive this if needed, automatically up or down.
  • You do not pay attention to the best possible fabric, so that the canvas is buckling. Optimum quality PVC materials, which are, however, quite expensive.
  • To avoid bulges, you can buy the canvas with a solid and stable frame and mount on the wall.
If you still have a suitable projector seek, so we are showing you in the next practice tip, what to look for in a projector purchase should pay attention to.