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Samsung Galaxy S6: Hidden Features

  • Jan 05, 2020
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In this practice tip we introduce you to the hidden Features of the Galaxy S6. Whether window mode, or camera-fast start-up function: use these Tricks to get the most out of your Samsung Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Features - hidden but very useful

Until you master your Smartphone all the Features it certainly takes a certain amount of time. But only if you use the hidden options, enabling you to unlock the full Potential of your Galaxy S6. We will show you what it can do:
  • Multi-Window function: A practical function, for example if you write a message and at the same time on the Internet to research information. Both Apps side-by-side view. Multiple Windows open, by pressing for a longer period of time on the overview button. It is located to the left of the home button.
  • Window mode: The new S6, you do not reduce the size of applications similar to Windows so that they occupy the entire screen.Simple an active application with the Finger to select and hold. Then, you move your Finger from one of the top corners diagonally to the bottom corner to reduce the size of the App.
  • Smart Manager: The new Samsung Galaxy S6 has a Smart Manager. Once this is open you can check the battery usage or the memory and closing Apps. In order to protect your Smartphone from viruses, scans the Smart Manager your internal memory for malicious software. By the way: Enough of Samsung's own virus scanner, we show you how to use the Galaxy against viruses and Malware protect.
Galaxy S6 - hidden Features
In a further article, you will learn how to make your Samsung Galaxy S6 to load properly. How the Samsung Galaxy S6 at us in the Test failed you can learn here.