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Recover CF card - so it works

  • Sep 29, 2019
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A Compact Flash card (CF card) is preferably used in digital cameras. How to make such a map again, we will show you in this article.

Free Software: CF card with Recuva restore

  1. First, connect the CF card to your Computer. To do this, you can use a card reader or connect your camera, the CF card is located.
  2. Download now the free Tool Recuva , download and install it then.
  3. Open the program once Installation is completed.
  4. Select in the first step of the file type - in this case "images".
  5. Then, specify the exact location. To do this, you can click on "On my memory card".
  6. After that, the search is started with a click on "search“". Wait until this is completed.
  7. At the end of the wizard, you will see the files that you can restore. Select the desired one and click "recover" to start the process.
Recuva: to recover CF card