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PS3: Laser clean - so it works

  • Aug 11, 2020
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CD, DVD, or BluRay will not be read correctly in the PS3, you should clean the Laser. We will show you how to do it.

PS3: The you need to Laser cleaning

  • The right tool, you can find yourself at the well-equipped do-it-yourselfers rarely. On Amazon you will receive the four required screw driver for about 8 Euro.
  • To Clean the laser you need, in the best case, cleaning alcohol. Alcohol does, however.
  • In order to get the alcohol on the Laser, use a cotton swab. On the best two of Europe.
Silver hill Tools: PS3 tool

Step 1: PlayStation 3 open

  1. Start by placing a blanket or other protection under the PlayStation 3. So the console is not scratched during the repair.
  2. In order to rotate the PS3 so that the top of the console is on the table.
  3. At the bottom you will find a number of the protection caps. Remove the protective caps, as well as all of the underlying screws.
  4. Turn the console back on, the lid easy to take off. This is not the case, you have forgotten may be a screw.
PlayStation 3

Step 2: drive the PS3 open

You have the PS3 in front of you, you will see on the right is a large silver cover is made of metal. Including the drive is hidden.
  1. This cover is attached with three screws. Remove all the screws, but no screw disappears in the groove.
  2. On the front side of the PS3, the drive is fastened with two screws. On the opposite side, you need to unhook the drive only.
  3. You have removed this part, you will see approximately the center of the Laser. You will recognize them by the small transparent lens.

Step 3: the Laser of the PS3 clean

  1. You dip the cotton swab lightly in rubbing alcohol and blot it. It is important that it is only slightly damp. The alcohol is allowed to be directed to no other components.
  2. Wipe the swab a few Times over the lens and use the dry side for a single wiper across the lens.
  3. The lens is mostly dry. The rest of the alcohol dissipates after a few moments. Re-Wipe could pollute the lens.
  4. You can build the console back together and turn it on. Of the Laser, and therefore the drive should work again.
PS3 Laser cleaning
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