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Power outlets and USB Ports at Flixbus - you need to know

  • Feb 08, 2020
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Flixbus, trying to score points not only with low prices, but also with good Service. Whether power outlets and USB Ports in buses, and we can tell you in this article.

Flixbus/MeinFernbus: power sockets and USB Ports in almost every Bus

In addition to free Wi-Fi, Flixbus and MeinFernbus advertises with free power outlets and USB Ports in the private buses. However, not all journeys, you can load a Smartphone, Laptop etc.
  • This is the case for the charging stations with USB: This is usually found only in new buses, of which relatively few are on the road. The USB Ports are recessed in the seats of the front man. You should be able to find in your Bus, no USB Ports, you can't ask for the sake of safety to the driver, whether there are any other connectors.
  • In the case of the sockets, the long-distance buses from Flixbus are equipped very well. One of the very few exceptions, there is space in each Bus, at least one power outlet per seat. On the official Homepage promises, the company, the last remaining buses with no outlet in the next few months to upgrade.
  • In contrast to in some mobile homes, or trains, you need to make when Loading in the Flixbus no compromises: All of the sockets provide 230 volts, and functioning power outlets, therefore, to be the normal household. Here, you can charge not only phone and Tablet, but also Laptops easily.
Flixbus: power socket as Standard
How to use the YouTube lock at Flixbus deal and travel Videos can look, we will explain in a further practical tip.