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Laptop fell into the water - what do you do against water?

  • Jul 29, 2020
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You dropped your Laptop in water, you should act as soon as possible to avoid water damage. We will show you how to solve the Problem.

First aid: If the Laptop has fallen into the water

  1. Turn off the Laptop immediately, if it has not yet crashed.
  2. Then, remove the power cable if it is connected.
  3. Pour off the remaining water from the Laptop. Hold the Laptop only obliquely and not head. The screen should not be running with water.
  4. If possible remove the battery. Also in this case, you should not put the Laptop on the head.
  5. Makes your Laptop easy to open, or at least the keyboard remove, you can do this. In order to speed up the drying, Pat the interior life carefully with some kitchen paper.
  6. Now you can do only one thing: to wait for a very long time. Depending on the amount of liquid you should wait for two to three days before you try again to start it.
Water damage on Laptop

Laptop with water damage - and now?

You have tipped the water over your Laptop, chances are good. In the case of Cola, coffee or other beverages, it can be critical.
  • Also, the amount is critical: a Little water is usually only a small damage, and evaporates quickly. But even if it was a small quantity of water: Let you use the Laptop, prefer a day longer than him early on and risk a short circuit.
  • Do not try to speed up the process with a hair dryer, the heating or the oven. Dry, ventilated places at room temperature are best.
  • The Laptop no longer goes on then, it remains only to professional. An assessment usually costs around 30 euros. The repair costs exceed in many cases, however, the fair value of the Laptops. A new acquisition should therefore be taken into account. A new Notebook is already for under 400 Euro.
  • Note: Even if the Laptop is not more concerned: The data in the majority of cases, nevertheless, save. Build the hard drive itself or the data of one skilled in the art save.
In the next practical tip we show you how you can in case your Smartphone with water damage repair.