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Innogy: Smart Home with Alexa taxes - how to

  • Aug 07, 2020
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A big advantage of Smart Home systems, the control with the language assistant. The Smart Home of Innogy has mastered the. Therefore, we show in this article how you can control your Innogy Smart Home devices with Amazon's Alexa.

Innogy Smart Home to connect with Alexa

Before you take your Smart Home with Alexa can control, you must first connect.

  • Open the Alexa App and look under "Skills & games" the Skill "innogy SmartHome".
  • You activate the Skill and you link your Innogy account with your Amazon account.
  • The Alexa App, you can now manage your Smart Home devices, or say "Alexa, please search my devices".

Control of Innogy Smart Homes with Alexa

Once activated, you can control, depending on your devices, your Smart Home with various commands.

  • You can Innogy SmartHome radiator thermostat and room thermostat with the command "Alexa, point [device name + location] on [number of] °C" control.
  • The innogy SmartHome plug, flush-mounted light switch , and flush-mounted Dimmer control with "Alexa, turn on the [device name + location] on/off".
  • The innogy SmartHome flush shutter control to use with "Alexa, place the [device name] on [number] %".
  • The innogy SmartHome States that you can configure by yourself, select one with "Alexa, turn on [state name]".
  • Also many others with Innogy compatible devices you can control.