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DeLonghi Magnifica S: Red lamp flashes - error fix

  • Aug 14, 2020
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The red light flashes machine in your DeLonghi Magnifica S coffee, then this is usually a sign that you need to descale the device. What else can get stuck behind the Flashing and how to resolve it, you can find here.

DeLonghi Magnifica S red lamp is blinking: lime in the machine

A fully automatic coffee machine like the DeLonghi Magnifica S fully with technology. Fortunately, you can identify the errors usually quite simple. Most of the time you need to descale the machine only.

  • Depending on the water hardness in your household, you should DeLonghi Magnifica S different often descale the machine. If you do not, you can put the lime on the device and the lifespan of the coffee maker to shorten it.
  • As a General rule: the harder the water is, the more often the lamp will light up your L DeLonghi Magnifica S red. You will then need to start the descaling programme.
  • To start descaling, must be on the device. In addition, you need a special descaling liquid.
  • Also pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions before you start the descaling process.

Even with these error messages, a red light flashes

If the descaling process was successful, but the red light still flashes, then it can also be a Defect in the coffee maker DeLonghi Magnifica S debt-to-be:

  • Sometimes air can cause the water filter to the Flashing of a red lamp. You can then remove the Filter and pushing the air out or just a new Filter insert.
  • In addition, a lack of a circuit Board can cause an error. You should not fix, however, better even, but the device for repair.
  • The red lamp flashes when there is a new machine, you can try the infuser with hot water to rinse. Wipe then dry.
  • Nothing, to help all of these tips, you should bring the machine to a repair shop. Screw around on it.
If in the case of the DeLonghi Magnifica the red light flashes, you need to abandon for the time being to your coffee.
(Source: Pixabay)