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Cortana with Surface Pen call - so it goes

  • Aug 11, 2020
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The Windows voice assistant Cortana, you can also call with the new Surface Pen. With the Surface Pro 4 is a new Stylus that can open Cortana even on the push of a button comes.

Cortana with the Surface Stylus call

With the Surface Pen for Surface Pro 3, Cortana is still not calling. In the new model, this feature was improved.
  • Cortana with a long press on the end of the Pin to enable.
  • The new Surface Pen with the Surface Pro 3 compatible. So you can use the voice control on the older model perfectly.
  • The new Surface and the associated Pen allows you to the Microsoft Store pre-order.
  • The pen brings some improvements: 1024 levels of pressure-sensitivity can increase the precision, replaceable pen tips to simulate different pen types - and of course, Cortana will be integrated.
  • For about 65 Euro you can the pen in the Microsoft Store to buy. Will be shipped from 12. November.
Surface Pen calls on Cortana