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Canon printing stripes - what to do?

  • Oct 29, 2019
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Your Canon printing stripe, we show you in this practice tip, what are the causes of this.

Problem solution if the Canon strip prints

The reasons for the strip can be Print on your Canon:
  • You have new Canon cartridges in stock, you first need to set this as a test, to exclude that it is due to the cartridges.
  • In the case of Canon printers, you should use original ink. Otherwise, the print head can clog.
  • The print head is clogged, you can clean the nozzles carefully with Isopropanol or distilled water and place it overnight in Isopropanol and leave Him the next day to dry. There are also special print head cleaner.How to remove the print head from the Canon device, read the respective owner's manual.
  • The Automatic cleaning through the Canon driver, you should not try more than two Times - this consumes a lot of ink and is therefore expensive.
  • Your Canon prints after cleaning, you still see streaks, you can purchase a print head. Please note that the accessory is partially more expensive than the printer and to be part of a complete new purchase, at least financially worthwhile.
  • If you don't replace an empty cartridge in a timely manner, the print head including printing strip. Here, too, it may be that you need to change the print head.
  • Some printers have in the menu the Option "maintenance". Read more in an article about tips for printer maintenance.
Canon printer prints in stripes
Prints your device even more, you will find in another practice tip the most common error and solutions when it comes to printers.