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AV Receiver with Airplay: the best of The three devices

  • Jan 03, 2020
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In networks, AirPlay is an important feature to stream content wirelessly. We will show you the three best AV Receiver, which support the AirPlay Standard also.

The 7-channel amplifier: Yamaha RX-V675

For 400 € you get the Yamaha RX-V675. The AV Receiver has managed to place 1 in the case of Stiftung Warentest (Test 11/2013). The reason is the versatility and the good network connection. There are also other streaming services in addition to AirPlay.
  • Amplifier: With a total of 1050 watts of power are the AV Receiver have enough Power for your speakers. Per channel power is specified at 150 watts. For the sound image of a calibration automatic is available as a correction function, and a number of Equalizer.
  • Network capabilities: The Yamaha RX-V675, you can integrate fully into your existing network. In the standard version of the Receiver has only one LAN port. Optionally, this can be with Wi-Fi expands. Using AirPlay to stream media from your Apple devices or iTunes direct to the AV Receiver. Yamaha provides an App with which you operate the device.
  • Equipment: The Receiver has in addition to the standard equipment (HDMI, USB, LAN), a total of 4 digital inputs. The competition usually only manages half. Also the new 4k resolution is supported. Analog Signal, the Receiver converts even on HDMI.
  • Power consumption: The manufacturer promises up with a new ECO Mode reduces power consumption. This is expected to fall by 20%. Furthermore, you can define an automatic shut-off. In Standby mode, the Receiver consumes just 0.15 watts.
AV-Receiver Yamaha RX-V675

The 7-channel amplifier with power amps: Pioneer VSX-923

At Amazon there is the Pioneer VSX-923 for just under 300 €. In many Tests of AV-receivers from Pioneer achieved a remarkably good amplifier performance.
  • Amplifier: The Pioneer VSX-923 has 150 watts per channel a similar performance as the Yamaha RX-V675. In practice, the output power of the Pioneer VSX-923 in the Surround area, but significantly higher than in the case of the device from Yamaha.
  • Network functions: The AV Receiver can expand with an optional Wi-Fi Adapter (AS-WL300). The device is certified with many Standards such as DLNA and AirPlay. With iTunes, you get music or Videos on the Pioneer VSX-923. The manufacturer describes the device without reason: "fell in Love with your 'i-device'".
  • Equipment: If you have a modern TV with 4K Ultra HD resolution, you can expect the AV Receiver contents by means of a "4K Video Scaler" high. You can control the Receiver with your mobile phone or Tablet. There is the free App "iControlAV2013" in the Apple Store or Google Play.
  • Power consumption: In operation, the device consumes 550 watts and in Standby mode to 0.1 Watt. These values can be reached by the ECO-mode you control over the device, the remote control or the App.

The 5-channel-amplifier: Denon AVR-X1000

The Denon AVR-X1000 is under 300 euros is the cheapest Receiver has only 5 channels.
  • Amplifier With 145 watts per channel, the Denon AVR-X1000 has a minimally lower output power than the other two models. In practice, the Receiver convinces with a very accurate correction function. The calibration automatic also generates a very good area.
  • Network functions: In contrast to the 7-channel amplifier, you will need to set up the Denon AVR-X1000 on the LAN port. You can't upgrade the device with Wi-Fi. Nevertheless, the Receiver supports AirPlay and DLNA. On the USB front input you can connect your Apple devices directly to the AV Receiver. On your screen you will then see the artist and title information
  • Equipment: Via the front USB input you can connect your Apple devices directly to the AV Receiver. The AVR-X1000 does not convert your analog Signal to HDMI.
  • Power consumption: Due to the lower number of channels, the power consumption during operation is also lower (390 watts). By means of the energy-saving features, the device automatically adjusts the consumption to your needs.