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PS4 hangs - It s may be'

  • Sep 23, 2020
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We will tell you in this practice tip, what can you do if your PS4 freezes constantly.

You can do if PS4 freezes

If the power of PS4 problems and freezes, this can have several reasons:
  • Check all cables for breaks or damage. Replace defective cord immediately.
  • You keep the fan free of objects and do not set the PS4 to close to the wall, so that the fan gets enough air.
  • You can test using a different game, whether the Problem depends on the Game.
  • Check whether you have the latest Firmware on the PS4 installed. How the test can be seen here.
  • Press and hold the Power Button for about 10 seconds, if the PS4 freezes the next Time.
  • This Problem should appear as follows often to swap the PS4 with the submission of the receipts, there's probably a Defect in the Hardware.
PS4 on solutions
What you can do if your PS4 won't start anymore, you will learn in the next tip.