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Pokémon Omega ruby & Alpha sapphire: The best training tips

  • Aug 13, 2020
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In the Following, we will provide you with the best training tips for the pokemon editions Omega ruby and Alpha sapphire on the Nintendo 3DS.

Pokémon Omega ruby & Alpha sapphire: tips for effective Training

  • You swap pokemon with friends: pokemon with a different Trainer ID will receive significantly more experience points and reach faster to a new Level.
  • With the game function "PokéMonAmi" you can feed your Pokémon, among other things, or Play with him, to increase his satisfaction and the relationship with his Trainer. There's not only the heart - her happy Pokémon, and even EP.
  • If you equip your pokemon with a "lucky Egg", will receive up to 50 percent more experience points. This item you can get from a wild "Wonneira".
  • Equip your pet with the O-power "EP-power": When you have completed a battle within three minutes after use, this item will give your Pokemon more experience points.
Pokémon in the battle to train

EV training spots in pokemon Omega ruby & Alpha sapphire

Similarly as in the previous versions, Effort Values "(German:" diligence points are also affect in Pokémon Omega ruby and Alpha sapphire"", abbreviated "EV") the state values of a Pokémon. The EVs of a Pokémon you can train in combat with certain enemies, so that it receives a level-up far more status values. You can exercise diligence points, but only if the pokemon has not yet reached Level 100.
  • The "diligence points" have no impact on the experience points, but to determine much more of the additional status values that will be added after a level-up.
  • Since the "diligence points" are not mentioned in the game, however, proved to have been neglecting a lot of players, the "Effort Values", without even knowing it. Furthermore, in contrast to the "experience points" to the "EV's". A consequence of this is that Pokémon many players can reach Level 100 and thus no longer be trained, although the status values are significantly different from the maximum values differ.
  • Dahe, you should determine the Diligence of their Pokémons on the basis of the nature, Levels, and other residual factors on the Internet and in the battle with the special Pokémon to train.
  • The Effort Values of your Pokémon you can train in Omega ruby and Alpha sapphire, for example, on the "victory road", the "flower castle in the woods", the "coastal cave", the "Sky tower" and the "prehistoric cave". Especially helpful for EV Training routes 101, 103, 111, 113, 115, 117, 120, 121 and 123 are also.
The game developers of pokemon have hidden in their newest Pokémon game, numerous Easter Eggs. In a further practical tip we have for you the best Easter Eggs of Pokémon Omega ruby and Alpha sapphire combined.


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