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LoL even stream - so it goes on Twitch.tv

  • Jan 15, 2021
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In this practice tip, you will learn how you yourself LoL on Twitch stream.

LoL even on Twitch.tv stream: Open Broadcaster Software set up

  • First of all, you need a Streaming program to Stream to operate. For example, the free Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to.
  • After Installation, open the program and perform first an Update. To do this, click on the help menu to "check for Updates".
  • If the program is up to date, open the settings menu and the sub-item "encode".
  • Depending on the quality you want to stream, set the "Max. Bit rate" a. The buffer size is automatically adjusted.
  • If you want to stream in 1080p, we recommend a Bitrate of 3300, for 720p at least 1800.
  • If your Internet is not connecting to it quickly enough, you should make up at least 80 percent of your maximum possible Upload speed. In a separate practice tip we will explain how to find out how fast your Internet connection is.
  • Now go to the Broadcast settings. Enter mode "Livestream", choose Twitch as a Streaming platform and Frankfurt as the FMS URL. You will also need your Twitch Streamkey.
  • The Streamkey you can find in your Twitch Dashboard. Click here to the right on the "Streamkey" and your key messages.
LoL even stream on Twitch

LoL even to stream: OBS-scenes to create

  • League of Legends is when you Stream a little more challenging than other games, because different Windows are used for the game Client and the actual Matches.
  • First of all, you will need to create the appropriate scenes in the OBS. To do this, click in the start window of the OBS with the right mouse button in the "scenes"window. Rename the existing scene or create a new one.
  • You need at least two scenes: One is for character selection, the other for the actual Match. You call the scenes according to, for example, "Client" and "game".
  • Usually, there are also streamers, a welcome screen and a pause screen, you can also create as individual scenes. For the actual LoL Stream but these are beside the point.
  • Every scene needs a source. Choose, therefore, "Client", and click with the right mouse button in the "sources"window. Choose under "add" the Option of "Window capture".
  • Select "window" of the PVP-Client of LoL. Note that the Client needs to be running in parallel.
  • After that, you have more setting options to have the window to suit your needs. You can center it, for example, and the Client in full-screen view.
  • Now, you can stream the game Client. As soon as you start the game mode, not update the Stream because now a different window is in focus.
  • That's why you need to establish the "Game"scene. You can choose a source, this time as a "Game recording".
  • Start a LoL Match, or you watch a different Match so that the game mode is started. Then you can select this when you Set up the scene as a window.
LoL with Open Broadcaster to stream

LoL self-streaming: Automatically between the scenes switch

  • If you have set up all the required scenes, you need to switch back and forth between them. This is usually done by Hand.
  • Here is the Plugin "Simple Scene creates Switcher" remedy, which was integrated from the OBS now officially in the program.
  • You open a scene change in the settings menu.
  • Here you select the respective window, and the associated scene, for example, the PVP.net the Client and the scene "Pre-Game". Then click on "Add".
  • Note that here, too, the window must be available in order for you to choose from. So you need to leave a game running in the Background, so you can assign the "League of Legends Client" of the "Game"scene.
  • All the scenes are in the list, you can now set the scene changer to automatically be activated. You can also set a Hotkey and a default scene.
  • When the scene is activated Changer and set correctly, you can stream it now, LoL, without having to switch between scenes.
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