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Android: The 3 best VPN Clients in the comparison

  • Sep 24, 2020
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If you want to safe surfing a VPN on your Android phone, you will find in this practical tip the three best VPN client for Android in the comparison.

1. VPN Client for Android: Hotspot Shield VPN

"Hotspot Shield" is one of the most well-known VPN client used on both the PC and on the Android Smartphone of millions of users worldwide.
  • "Hotspot Shield VPN" redirects your connection in the basic Version through an American Proxy Server and allows anonymous Browsing. So you can surf on the one hand and can on the other hand, access to websites, which are available in Germany.
  • The App detects unsafe Wi-Fi Connections and automatically activate HTTPS protection.
  • In the free version you can surf unlimited for a long time "Hotspot Shield VPN" on the Internet, the bandwidth is limited, however. In addition, the IP location is set to the United States and may not be changed. These Features, as well as the removal of all advertising banner and the use of "Hotspot Shield VPN" on up to five devices for 3,74 euros per month via In-App purchase to unlock.
Hotspot Shield VPN for Android

2. VPN Client for Android: Tunnelbear VPN

An Alternative to "Hotspot Shield VPN" is the free Android App "Tunnelbear VPN".
  • In "Tunnelbear VPN" is a free volume of 500 MB per month.
  • Your connection is anonymized via a foreign Proxy Server. As Geolocations, Britain, France, Japan, Canada, the Netherlands and Italy, alongside the United States and Germany.
  • If you would like to receive Videos or streaming music, you will meet with the inclusive volume of 500 MByte relatively quickly to their limits. Via In-App purchase of unlimited data volume for the price of 1,97 Euro per month and unlock.
  • To use the App, you need to create an Account using your E-Mail address.
Tunnelbear VPN for Android

3. VPN Client for Android: SurfEasy VPN

A popular VPN Client for Android SurfEasy VPN is "".
  • "SurfEasy VPN" connects you to the creation of a user account via a Proxy Server in Canada, Brazil, Germany, Singapore, the UK and the USA anonymously to the Internet.
  • The inclusive volume is 500 MB per month and can be free of charge to more than 1 GB to expand, by recommending the application to your friends or in the Google Play Store to rate.
  • For unlimited data volume you pay to use on a device 1,99 Euro per month via In-App purchase.
SurfEasy - VPN-App
Android the 3 best vpn clients in the comparison
Also for the PC there are some recommended VPN-Tools. The five best VPN providers we provide you with in the next practical tip before.