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Windows Automatic repair to bypass

  • Aug 08, 2020
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You do not want to use the automatic repair by Windows, you can turn off the function. Also if you are stuck in an endless loop of automatic repair, we can help you here.

Windows: when can I disable automatic repair?

Note: The endless loop of "Automatic repair" can only end by choosing start on the Power button of the PC, and instead of "Automatic repair" and the Option "refresh your PC". Your personal documents are preserved. You want to disable the automatic repair, note:
  • To Disable the automatic repair option is useful if Windows wants to make the process more and more frequently.
  • This can be a fault of Windows, but also on a deep-seated Problem in the Windows System instructions.
  • Especially when the repair takes place more frequently, it may not be necessary. For the safety of your data, you should not turn off the function for a reason.

Automatic repair of Windows to deal

  1. First, open the command prompt as Administrator. Starting with Windows 8, you can find the "command prompt (Administrator)" using the key combination [Windows] + [X].
  2. Now enter the command "bcdedit /set recovery enabled NO" and confirm the entry via the [Enter] key.
  3. You want to enable the function to a later date, you can use the command "bcdedit /set recovery enabled YES".
  4. Note: does not work with this command, you can use to disable "fsutil repair set c: 0" and activate "fsutil repair set c: 1".
Automatic repair disable
In the next practical tip we will show you how you Windows without CD repair and restore.


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