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Windows 10: settings won't open - what to do?

  • Jan 27, 2021
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The settings in Windows 10 is not open, you are not alone with this Problem. We will show you how you can fix the error.

Windows 10: the settings will not open

  • You have installed Windows 10 fresh, the Problem can usually quickly fix it. Microsoft has published a solution to the problem, which corrects the errors by itself.
  • The error occurred only after prolonged usage of Windows 10, is often a more serious Problem. But there are solutions.
Settings on Windows 10

Troubleshooting: settings on Windows 10

Meanwhile, Microsoft has released an Update that fixes the error. It occurred, however, it will not help you with the Update, however.

  1. Download the following solution from Microsoft , download and run the file.
  2. Click on the "Next" Button and let the Tool look for problems.
  3. If the Problem persists, it is corrected automatically.
Windows 10: Troubleshooting

Windows 10: the settings of the Problem manually fix

The following guide has helped so far also many users. A particular file may be blocking the settings responsible for and must be deleted. However, you need to first have the necessary rights.

  1. Simultaneously press the keys [Windows] and [E], so that the Explorer opens.
  2. On the left, select the "This PC" and navigate to the path "C:\Windows\ImmersiveControlPanel".
  3. Click with the right mouse button on the file "Application.Manifesto" and select "properties".
  4. Then, you can switch to "security", select the "user" and click on the Button "Advanced".
  5. A click on the "Change" Link and type in the PC name followed by "user", e.g., "TimsPC/user". The correct term you will see in step 4.
  6. Click on the Button "check names" and then close the window with "Apply" and "OK".
  7. Close all other Windows with "OK" and go back to the properties of the file.
  8. Switch back up to "safety" and click on the edit Button.
  9. You can select the user and activate below in the case of "full access", select "Allow".
  10. Now you can find the file "Application.manifest" delete and call up the settings.
Settings of Win10 repair

Instructions: Windows 10 repair

Has not solved the Problem still, can still help a repair of Windows:

  1. Simultaneously press the keys [Windows] and [X], and select the Option "command prompt (Administrator)".
  2. Confirm the following query with "Yes", it opens the black CMD console.
  3. Enter the command "sfc /scannow" and press the [Enter] button.
  4. Wait until the Review is completed and start Windows again.
Windows 10: System repair

Instructions: Windows 10 re-install

  • All this does not help, you should reinstall Windows. The mistake was in a previous Version of Windows and has not been fixed by the Updates. In the newer versions of Windows 10, the error should no longer occur.
  • Your personal data will be saved during the re-Installation of Windows in the path "c:\windows.old". Nevertheless, should you previously have a Backup of your data perform. In the next practical tip we show you how to Windows 10 to factory settings to reset.
Windows 10: Factory Settings