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Windows 10 DVD or Blu-ray playback

  • Oct 17, 2020
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Playing a DVD under Windows 10 with the pre-installed Software is not possible. Fortunately, there is the possibility, DVDs or Blue-ray free add-on programs to play. Here we show you how to do it.

DVDs and Blue-ray play Leawo - how it works

Leawo is a Media Player that not only DVDs, but also Blue-ray discs play can. The free-Software provides, among other things, the advantage that also purchased the Blue-rays for free play. In our Test set Leawo against its competition. We will show you how to install the program and use it.

  • Download Leawo free of charge from our Download Portal.
  • Run the installation program and confirm the security message with "YES"
  • Follow the steps in the Installer program, the Leawo installed automatically for you.
DVDs on Windows 10 to play (source:Pixabay)

DVDs and Blue-ray on Windows 10 with Leawo play - how to

With the Installation of Leawo your PC will automatically to DVD or Blue-ray Player. We will show you in the following instructions, step-by-step how to play a DVD or Blue-ray with your PC.

  • Insert your desired DVD or Blue-ray disc into your Computer drive.
  • Start Leawo and check whether your PC detects the DVD or Blue-ray in the drive. This is indicated by the colored box next to the Block "open file". (see picture)
  • Click on the upper left edge of the screen to the left of the 4 icons and then select the "file"Option.
  • Now, click on "disc" and then on the DVD or the Blue ray that you want to play. And here we go.
Blueray playback with Leawo - how to

You will learn in the next tip, how to make a fake DVD recognize.