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Windows 10: adjust screen brightness - so it goes

  • Jan 26, 2021
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You are working Outdoors or in bright rooms, you need to set in Windows 10, the brightness of the screen. Where you will find the necessary settings and what are the button combinations, it works especially quickly, we can tell in this article.

Windows 10: the brightness of the screen via adjusting the settings

On a Notebook or Netbook, you can set in Windows 10, the screen brightness is almost infinitely variable.

  1. To do this, open the settings with the key combination [Windows-key] + [I].
  2. In the category of "System", select the tab "screen".
  3. Then adjust the Slider for "brightness level" as desired, to increase the brightness of the screen or to reduce it.
Windows 10: change brightness

Windows 10: the brightness by Shortcuts customize

For the brightness of the screen, you don't need to necessarily start the settings App. By means of a key combination, you can make your Display brighter or darker.

  • Fn button: most laptops have the button [Fn]. Press this, together with the respective keys, the control your display brightness. You recognize the buttons on the blue sun-symbols.
  • Mobility center: Alternatively, you can use the key combination [Windows-key] + [X] and select the "mobility center". There you can adjust the brightness via the slider.
  • Info-Center: Click on the bottom right in the task bar, click the speech bubble icon opens the Info Center. Via the Button with the sun Icon, you can increase the brightness of the screen gradually.
Brightness in the mobility center

For more important keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10 we have in the next article, summarized for you.