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The best Easter Eggs in Excel

  • Apr 11, 2021
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Easter Eggs are small add-on functions that are hidden in programs. In Microsoft Excel there are Easter Eggs. What they are, here. However, are found only in the old versions of Excel, such "Easter eggs" to.

Easter Eggs in Excel 4.0 and 5.0

In Excel 4.0, an Animation is hidden and in 5.0 you can see the same procedure in the Credits.
  • Under the menu bar, an icon is located in these versions of the bar. Click with the right mouse button.
  • Now you can select "user defined" and in the list that opens then, again, the "user defined" to choose.
  • Drag the card game Icon in the icon bar.
  • The window "Assign", you confirm with OK, and close open.
  • If you press CTRL, shift and ALT key while clicking on the Icon, you will see a Animation, or the Credits.

"Walk" in Excel 95

In Excel 95, you can go through a corridor, on whose walls are pictures of the developers hang out. To do this, proceed as follows:
  • In a blank workbook, select the row 95 and press the tab key.
  • Now open in the menu bar under "?" to the point "Info".
  • If you hold the CTRL key and the shift key pressed while you click on the "Software Service", you will see a gear, you can run along.
  • If you go down the stairs, you can enter in front of the wall "EXCELKFA" to open the wall.

Even more Easter Eggs: flight simulator in Excel 97

Much more interesting is likely to be for most of the "flight simulator" in Excel 97. To use this follow this guide:
  • In an empty table, you can click F5 and enter "X97:L97"
  • With the tab key, you jump to M97
  • If you hold the CTRL key and the shift key pressed while you click the chart wizard in the toolbar, opens the flight simulator. Is controlled with the mouse.

Car racing Easter Egg in Excel 2000

Excel 2000 was the last Version that contained an Easter Egg. Here, the developers have hidden a small car race. How to get to this, click here:
  • Select under "file" the Option "As web site" and then click "Publish".
  • In the window that now opens, set the checkmark at "add interactivity with" and "web page in the Browser view". Then you can choose "Publish".
  • In the browser view opens, scroll down to row 2000, and Tab key to column "WC". Click on the 2000, to mark the line.
  • Hold CTRL, shift and ALT pressed while you press on the Logo in the top left corner (next to file). The car race will open. Is controlled with the arrow keys.
Not all Easter Eggs are found in all versions of the program to. Many Easter Eggs are hiding in only one Version.


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