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File and print sharing is not enable - you can do

  • Apr 11, 2021
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You get the following message: file and print sharing is not enable? This error message has plagued offices, Meetings, and even households, in which a network is used. For the Problem of a cause that is easy to fix is usually.

File and print sharing is not enable: causes

Thus, the file and printer sharing to work under Windows 10 correctly, will require the votes of several things. For one, it is the rights of the individual participants in the network , and on the other to the Firewall action. If it is a problem with one of these two causes, you must do something about it, to be able to use the file and print sharing, re-use. The rights for the use of set is very simple:

  • Problems with the Right are caused in most cases by a lack of credentials. If you try, for example, without the password in the network of the Hosts to log in, the file and printer sharing is not possible.
  • Similarly, this is not the case in the wrong user name. All registration data must be true, if the network password-protected sharing is enabled.
  • It may also be that you simply need to enable it in the sharing options, the file and printer sharing. For that go in network and sharing center on the Advanced sharing settings change. There you will find the sharing options.
In the sharing options, you can customize the file and print sharing, or enable password-protected sharing, or prohibit. (Image: Screenshot)

File and print sharing through a Firewall active

A further, usually more frequent cause is a Problem with the Firewall. In the Windows Firewall there is the option to delete the incoming and outgoing rules for file and printer sharing, or to enable. Check whether these rules need to be there or not activated, in order to fix the Problem.

  • This Option is, in most cases, only in the case of Windows Firewall, part of Windows Defender. Other programs with an integrated Firewall such as Norton have their own setting options in relation to the sharing rules.
  • The procedure in the Firewall should only be taken over by them if it a little bit with the setup to know. In the worst case, can lead to incorrect settings and thus a significant security gap.