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What is Wanda? Advertising at the world Cup

  • Apr 11, 2021
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Wanda enlists for a year at FIFA tournaments with ads - even in the women's world Cup 2019 Logo adorns the bands of the stadiums. The company is the official partner of the football-world Federation of advertising. Behind the brand.

Wanda in soccer: What's behind the FIFA advertising partners?

  • The Wanda Group is a Chinese conglomerate. Since its founding in 1988, the company has expanded its activity field becoming increasingly.
  • Meanwhile, the Wanda Group is not only represented in the real estate business, but also acts in the Einzehandel, Online-trade, in tourism and in sports. The commercial value of 2016 was approximately 100 billion Euro, the annual turnover of the equivalent of 32 billion euros.
  • In addition to the approximately 200 shopping centers with Shops, Restaurants and cinemas, as well as about 150 hotel, theme parks, travel companies and many other companies in the entertainment industry for the Wanda Group.
  • Outside of China, the Wanda Group is involved in many companies. In the US, Wanda 2016, acquired, among other things, the majority of the film Studio Legendary Pictures, and the publisher of comics, Legendary Comics. In the United States, the majority of the cinema belongs to the Wanda Group.
  • Also in Europe, the Wanda Group would like to invest powerful. In Paris, for approximately 3.3 billion US dollars, a theme Park is to be created. Also in London, a major project is in the planning stage.
Since 2018, the Wanda Group from China is the advertising partner of FIFA and to be adorned with the gangs of the world Cup stadiums. (Image: Wanda Group)

Sponsorship: Wanda invested in the football

  • The Wanda Group is already since 2011, the main sponsor of the Chinese Super League, the Equivalent of the 1. League in China. Since 2016 Wanda is also the main sponsor of FIFA. From 2018 to 2030 Wanda is an advertising partner with the football world Championships.
  • The Wanda Group is also 20 percent of Spanish football club Atletico Madrid. Meanwhile, the stadium is called, in which Atletico Madrid play their home games hosting, "Wanda Metropolitano".

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