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SRF 2 Live Stream look up - how to

  • Aug 14, 2020
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As you can see the channel SRF2 in the Live-Stream, you will learn in this practical tip.

SRF2 - second television program of the Swiss Radio and television in the Live Stream watch

  • On the following page you can the transmitter SRF2 in the Live-Stream watch.
  • You need to be in Switzerland.
  • There are ways that this lock is legal should be repealed. We will show you in the next paragraph.
SRF 2 Live Stream watch

SRF2-Stream via VPN in Germany

  • You would like to receive the Swiss channels also, then it works via a VPN connection.
  • In that respect, the Internet is redirected connection for a short time on a Swiss Server.
  • We will show you in this practical tip the best VPN providers for the PC as well as also for the Smartphone.
We will explain in more Detail how Windows 10 has a VPN connection set up.


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