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Pantaflix: What is it?

  • Sep 27, 2020
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The Video-on-Demand service Pantaflix stands in the wings and is ready to take the world of Streaming to beat them up. What the provider promises and what Features make it particularly in the Following.

Pantaflix: German Streaming Portal with a love for Film

The Video-on-Demand world appears to be quite strictly under the few providers divided to be: Amazon, Netflix and Sky dominate the market. Pantaflix want to remedy the situation, and with an original business concept to diversity in the Film Business help.
  • Behind the project of a film producer, Dan Maag and actor Matthias Schweigh√∂fer, who have already established a number of Start-Ups get stuck.
  • Unlike the already well known Streaming portals Pantaflix sees itself as a marketplace: producers can price their movies individually and decide how much consumers pay for the respective strips.
  • Pantaflix gives priority to special cinema: Less blockbusters, mainly Independent productions, and foreign secret tips want to see the founder-Duo on your platform.
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Cinema evening with Pantaflix: How the payment model works

  • Unlike the Streaming giants Amazon and Netflix, you have the cost of monthly flat-rate, but only pay for the movies you want to see.
  • Since the movies are individually priced by the producers, manoeuvring the cost per strip is between 99 cents and $ 19.99. However, Maag and Schweigh√∂fer assure you that you will have to pay for most of the movies are actually 20 Euro - the majority will be between one and three euros.
  • A purchased movie is basically for 30 days on your account. The playback is started, however, for the first Time, is a 48-hour period: during this time, you can watch the movie as often as you like, he will be removed from your library.
In contrast to Pantaflix the Streaming service of the Internet giant Amazon relies mainly on series-Highlights and brilliant Blockbuster movies. Whether Amazon Prime Instant Video is worth your while, you will learn in the next tip.