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Nvidia Shield-TV: Kodi install and set up

  • Aug 13, 2020
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To install Kodi on the Nvidia Shield TV, are just a few hand grips. You read in this practice tip on how you exactly need to do.

Kodi on Nvidia Shield TV install – so go ahead

  1. First, open the Google Play Store on the Shield TV and you are looking for "Kodi".
  2. Install Kodi then, once you have found the Player, and wait until the Installation is complete.
  3. Open Kodi after successful Installation and you will need to change in the "Settings". There you can set under "Language" select "English" and Kodi on set.
  4. Then go to "Videos > files" and select "add Videos".
  5. Under "Browse", you can now specify the source to be added from the Videos Kodi should be.
  6. You can choose either a network or an external memory, such as external hard drive or USB Stick.
  7. With a click on the arrow to the top of the selected files are stored in Kodi and then to Stream available.
Nvidia Shield-TV: Kodi install
If Kodi for Streaming legally is, we can tell you in the next tip.