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Entertain or Sky Pay-TV channels in comparison

  • Aug 08, 2020
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Prior to the completion of a Pay-TV subscription, many potential customers ask the question, whether you should resort to Entertain or Sky. We will tell you the differences in this comparison.

Entertain or Sky: channels and content

  • With Entertain around 100 channels in the standard package. Additional channels can be added to this book. With Entertain satellite you can receive 300 channels, 50 of which are in HD-quality broadcast.
  • About Entertain, you also have access to a variety of TV media libraries as well as the Streaming service "video load". Here, over 15,000 movies, you can fee to rent.
  • At Sky, various packages are available. The basic package comes with 50 inclusive channels, including 18 in HD-quality.
  • With packages such as "movie", "Sport" or "Bundesliga" get depending on your preferences, Live football and the latest movies before the Free-TV broadcast on your TV.
Sky or Entertain - or both?

Entertain or Sky: costs compared

  • Entertain you can order together with Magenta-home Fare. The prices start at 39.90 euros per month in the first year. For 5 euros extra you can get the Entertain Premium with numerous other stations.
  • Satellite Entertain costs in the cheapest rate Magenta home S 40.90 € per month in the first year.
  • The Sky world package costs for new customers in the first year 16,99 Euro in the month. You can book premiump acts such as Sky sports. The price in the first year of 19.99 euros per month and then rises to 35,99 euros per month.
  • With three premium packages, you pay 39,99 Euro / month in the first year, as well as 58,99 Euro per month in the second. Please note that for HD-quality 10 Euro come on top of it. You may have to more charges for a HD Receiver schedule.

Entertain or Sky: So you combine both packages

  • As Entertain customer, you do not need to dispense with Sky content. You can choose to book all of the available packages to add.
  • The regular prices of Sky for each of the program content. So the basic package Sky Welt will cost about an additional $ 19.99 per month in the first year.

Conclusion: Entertain or Sky?

  • For football fans there is no way around the Sky, because the provider has the exclusive rights to a number of important competitions.
  • Who would be more likely to have a huge variety of channels and see a movie, is also in the Entertain at a good address.
  • A good Alternative for those who are Indecisive, a combination of Entertain and Sky as described above.
In the next article, you will learn how to Sky on the PC, look can.