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Windows 10: What you need to in the case of Antivirus Software, pay attention

  • Jan 27, 2021
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If you want to protect Windows 10, you need a good anti-virus software. What is this and what to look for in the selection must pay attention to, learn here.

The should can Windows 10 anti-virus software

The Tricks of the hackers are becoming more cunning, so that even with a cautious Online behavior of viruses, Trojans, worms, Spyware , and Ransomware infect the Computer can. The at risk your valuable data and at worst the target of Cyber-Extortionists that encrypt your data and without a ransom, not again. Therefore, a good anti-virus Software is essential.

  • There are under Windows, the Windows 10 Defender with basic protection mechanisms such as a Firewall and a virus protection. The Defender also takes over the tasks of the Microsoft Security Essentials.
  • Anti-virus software should help against malicious software, the security vulnerabilities in the operating system and programs, exploits, or via web sites and E-Mails on the Computer gets.
  • A frequent update of the virus signatures is essential, since new viruses are always being spread.
  • A real-time scanner protects your System when you Surf and when you Install and Use the Software.
  • There are, of course, no perfect security, since the development of a continuous cat-and-mouse game, and through program Updates always security gaps, which can be used by hackers.

Windows Defender

Windows Defender provides you with a Firewall and a virus scanner, and is included in Windows 10 directly.

  • The program is therefore free of charge and offers basic protection against attacks.
  • It is managed in the Background protecting your computer, and can also check for other Software, their ability to function and will not turn on only when needed, if the other Software works.
  • Windows Defender had problems in the past with crashes and startup problems of Windows 10.
Windows 10 users have with Windows Defender is a free anti-virus software.
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AntiVir - Avira Free Antivirus

One of the most well-known anti-virus programs, AntiVir - Avira Free Antivirus. With real-time protection and Firewall fitted, you can enjoy a free basic level of protection.

  • Avira updates the virus definition regularly and secures your System by an automatic Update.
  • Modules, such as web protection, Adblocker, antiphishing protection and Banking protection you can purchase the Pro Version.
  • The three Pro versions cost between 34,95 Euro 99,95 Euro and are regularly as a special discount to purchase.
  • The Software is also for Android as a free Download available.
  • Similarly, we offer a Version of the Antivirus Software Avira for Mac is available as a free Download at.
Avira is a popular anti-virus software. The Pro-Version you get for 34,95 euros.
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BitDefender Antivirus

Bitdefender is an award-winning program for complete protection, secure Internet via VPN, and a system optimization get.

  • The various paid versions cost between 14.99 euros and 59.99 euros.
  • There are program versions for iOS and Android are also available.
  • With the different models you can select one or more devices between one and three years of protect.
  • There are frequent Updates to the virus definition will be released.
Bitdefender is a strong anti-virus software, also for companies.
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