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VLC: VR-play Videos - so it works

  • Jan 16, 2021
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For the popular video player VLC has been existing since the last Update to marvel at some interesting Changes. In addition to numerous bug fixes, it is now possible, VR-play Videos. We show you everything, what you should take care of.

VLC - you can now VR also-play Videos

In addition to many new features, such as an optimized representation for MP4, and Blu-ray files, it was also the Support for Google-Chromecast improved. The biggest milestone of the VLC Player with the new feature, VR is, however, to be able to play Videos.

  • You want your VR movies in the future with the VLC-Player play, download the latest Version of Chip-Downloads.
  • The VLC Player automatically detects which type of video it is. So you can easily VR files from your PC to open or a RTP-connection stream.
  • In addition, the VLC Player is only for Windows, Linux, and Mac compatible. They mostly use mobile devices, such as Smartphones or Tablets, you can use the program without restriction now also with Android and iOS.
  • You want to open a Video file from your PC, click with the right mouse button on the right of the VLC Player on a free spot. Now go to "add file" (see image) and select the desired Video.
  • You have not saved the Video, you can also stream a Youtube Video. To do this, repeat the previous step and click add, instead of "file" on the tab "Advanced open". Under "network" you can now paste a Youtube Link, or the IP address of the other Stream.
VLC: VR-play Videos - everything what you should know (Screenshot: Nico Detmar)