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Tik Tok video edit - this is how it works

  • Jan 13, 2021
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With the App, TikTok, you will be able to edit simple Videos. We provide you with the most important basic functions.

To edit Videos with TikTok: basic techniques of the recording

TikTok offers you many opportunities to make a attractive Video to create.

  • The great red spot is used for Recording Videos. Press the point once, takes TikTok automatically. You leave the Finger on the Button that takes the App until you remove your Finger from the Button.
  • To the right of the red Button, a cross to Delete the Clips appears.
  • The far right, you select from your photo gallery Videos or photos you can add to your Clip.
  • On the red Button in a toolbar, you can select the speed for the final Video.
  • Click "Add Sound" to add a Song of your choice to your Video.

Effects & filters for video editing use

You can spice up your Clip with the Filter and effects.

  • To the left of the red Button you find the button to access the effects.
  • Here you can choose from hundreds of effects in various categories. By Clicking on select the desired Filter.
  • Now you can, depending on the nature of the effect, for example, as in the case of Animojis a mask on your face or the effect in the Videos place.
  • The Filter Button can be found on the right side in the middle.
  • Here you can search from hundreds of Filters appropriate for the out and back by Clicking on your Video to apply.
  • With the "cancel" Button not to reset the effects that you like.
Videos with TikTok edit, effects and filters to apply
(Image: Screenshot Of Tik Tok)

You can use your Videos not only immediately after the edit in the App post, but also your TikTok-download Videos.