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Spotify renew: Important information for subscription model

  • Apr 11, 2021
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Who uses Spotify subscription, do not need to take care of the Extend, because this is done automatically. What you need to know about the subscription model of Spotify, you can find here.

Spotify: The various subscription models

There are four different subscriptions that you can complete on Spotify. The subscription Spotify Premium with the student discount we explain in the next Chapter, separately. All the automatically renew. Read here, how you Spotify Premium cancel.

  • Spotify Free: This subscription is, as the Name already says, free of charge. You take but advertising breaks in purchase, can not skip any of the Songs and playlists do not use offline.
  • Spotify Premium: This service costs € 9.99 a month and offers Offline usage, Skipping Songs, high audio quality and is ad-free.
  • Spotify Premium Family: The subscription costs € 14.99 per month. You get the same functionality as in the case of "Spotify Premium", but can create different accounts, so that in the case of a use of a plurality of persons, each can hear his own music.

Spotify Premium with the student discount use

All students can use Spotify Premium to use and have to just 4.99 euros per month. You need to do this:

  • The student status to obtain, you need to SheerID to verify.
  • You need to a year after the completion of the student subscriptions to verify the monthly price of € 4.99 for Spotify Premium to keep.
In order to extend Spotify, you need to do mostly nothing (Image: Pixabay)