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Silent Install - what is it?

  • Jun 26, 2020
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In the Software area, you can read again and again of so-called "Silent Installs". What is it and how you can make use of, we show you in this practical tip.

Silent Install - Unattended installation under Windows and Linux

The term "Silent Install" comes from the English and describes an unattended Installation. There are differences, whether or not this is running under Linux or Windows:
  • In the world of Unix Silent is Install frequently for the Installation of the operating system itself. Here is installed a new Linux on your Computer, without you even having to lend a Hand, or settings to set.
  • Even then, Linux uses mostly unattended Setups. For example, install programs from the console, you need to click in a rule, no Setup window. You will only receive the message that the Tool was installed.
  • On Windows, the unattended Installation of individual programs, however, is rather the exception: you need to Run a Setup, you must set usually manually the installation path or the terms and conditions of the provider will accept. In the case of a Silent Install, these steps fall away and the program is installed after a few seconds on your PC. However, only a few manufacturers provide such a Setup-file.
  • With special installation files, it is also possible to install the complete Windows operating system in this way.
Silent Install instead of Setup

Programs via Silent Install setup - how to

With the appropriate commands, you can turn almost any Setup into a Silent Install. How this works, we will show you an example of a MSI setup from Microsoft:
  1. Open the command prompt with the key combination [Windows] + [R] and the command "cmd".
  2. Here you can install any MSI Setup with the following command: "msiexec /i c:\path\to\package.msi /quiet /qn /norestart /log c:\install.log PROPERTY1=value1 PROPERTY2=value2" (without the quotation marks).
  3. In the process, replace the section "c:\path\to\package.msi" due to the location of the setup. "/quiet /qn" provides for the unattended Installation.
  4. The Option "/norestart" prevents a restart of the system, some installations require. How the Setup is run, you can refer to the process of a Log file. The Command "/log c:\install.log"make it possible.
  5. The settings of the setup rules finally, the commands "PROPERTY1" and "PROPERTY2". Here you can define, for example, the location or prevent the Installation of Adware. A list of the corresponding commands can be found on the website of Microsoft. Depending on the size of the installation Guides, you will need several of these commands. By numbering them, you have to set for each Setup step, a command.
  6. Once you have crafted your individual command, run it with the Enter key. Alternatively, you can use the Code in a Batch file and a "Silent Setup" to create.
The WGA testing with a Setup, remove, we show you in the next tip.