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Kaspersky will not install - it can be found in

  • Sep 26, 2020
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The anti-virus program is Kaspersky not install, then you may have blocked the Installation due to the Firewall. We will tell you in this practice tip for more tips to solve the problem.

Kaspersky will not install – what to do?

You can't install Kaspersky on your computer, you have the following possibilities to fix this error:
  • In order for the Installation of Kaspersky is not blocked, you should make sure that no other antivirus program installed on the PC and is active.
  • In addition, you should for the duration of the Installation your Firewall is off, so that the Installation is not blocked.
  • Before you start the Installation of Kaspersky, we recommend that you install all Updates for your PC via Windows Update.
  • Start the installation file of Kaspersky as Administrator. You right-click on the file and select the context menu "run As Administrator".
  • Perhaps the installation file was corrupted during the Download or is incomplete. Download you again download.
  • In some cases, it is sufficient often, when you start the PC once again and the Installation then re-run it.
  • Or your PC is infected with a Virus or Malware. You can check this with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and remove all findings from your PC. After the Installation of Kaspersky should work.
Problem with Kaspersky Installation
This practical tip is based on Windows 7. You want to Kaspersky Windows 10 to use, we have in the next practice tip helpful tips for you.