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Jenkins and Jenkins X What is - clearly explained

  • Jan 14, 2021
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Jenkins a in the field of professional software development conventional Software. What exactly is hidden behind the term, you will learn in this practical tip.

Jenkins Continuous Integration Server: explained Simply

At least then, if more work as a developer on a software project, it is confusing, if all your Changes together.

  • All of the versions of the individual developers need to be adapted so that there are no incompatibilities and all parts work smoothly together.
  • Thus, the incompatibilities will not be until shortly before the end of the development cycle can be seen, there is Jenkins.
  • A prerequisite is that the development is already a version control system such as Git is used, and the developers add regularly to your development state.
  • Jenkins will then check after every Commit, or several times a day, whether or not the Software is compiled and all the Tests.
  • Otherwise, notified Jenkins, the Team of developers about a bug.
Jenkins simplifies the programmer's everyday life.
(Image: Pixabay)

Jenkins X an extension of Jenkins

Jenkins X completes the simple Jenkins automated Build process, and a distribution in a Container Cluster.

  • With the commands jx create or jx import to start a new project or import an existing project.
  • Also, you will be generated automatically, a Git Repository and your application is compiled.
  • After each Git Push, your program will be automatically deployed on Kubernetes.

A beginner's guide to Git can be found in a further practical tip.