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Google Play Instant: to test new Apps

  • Apr 11, 2021
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With Google Play Instant, you can try as many Apps as you want, without the need to download. We will show you how you can use the new Feature of Google.

Google Play Instant enable: how to

Every Smartphone user knows it: Apps occupy huge amounts of disk space. With Google Play Instant, you can create a remedy. All the info on the function and how to use the new service can use, read the Following.

  • You can select the desired App to make full use of the storage space on your Smartphone evidenced. The content of the App will be a Cloud provided.
  • However, all the Apps with Google Play Instant not are still compatible. The App maker must first agree to and modify the programme accordingly.
  • Many providers have already done this, and the forecasts show that in future more and more Apps will be available with Google Play, Instant compatible.
  • In order to use the function, open it on your Smartphone or Tablet the settings. There, select the tab "Google" and then "Google Play Instant".
  • After you have activated the feature "links in Instant Apps to open" (see image 1), you can search in Play Store for compatible Apps.
  • Compatible Apps, you recognize that you will find to the left of the selection "INSTALL" the function "NOW" (see image 2).
Google Play Instant So that you can make use of the Feature (Image: Pixabay)

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