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Epic Games: Account to new account transfer - how to

  • Jul 07, 2020
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If you want to transfer your Epic Games Account to a new account, then, this is now possible. What you need to consider, we can tell you in this article.

Epic Games Account

If you have several Epic Accounts (for example, for PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch), then you can merge them on one Account. This Banner, cosmetic items, V-Bucks from Battle Royale and banners, Lamas, heroes, sketches, Survivors, defenders, heroes will be transferred to sketch, and Survivors-EP, V-Bucks, benefit and further development of materials. Everything else is lost on the second Account.

  • It takes two weeks until the relocation of all items from the second account to the main account is completed.
  • If your account is locked or disabled, you can perform a move.
On this page you can transfer the Epic Accounts.
(Image: Screenshot)

So the merging of the Epic accounts works

If you are sure that you want to only play with one Account, is done by the way for the merging of your Epic account in a few steps.

  • First, log in this page with your first account.
  • You then login to the second account and follow the instructions.
  • Your Login methods for the console to be disabled with transferred and the second account.

How to make your Epic Games to change the password , go to the next practical tip.