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WPA2-wireless hacking - is that possible?

  • Aug 08, 2020
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WPA2 is currently being touted as the first Wi-Fi Standard on the market. Whether a WPA2-Wi-Fi lets you chop, you will learn in this practical tip.

WPA2-Wi-Fi hack - as you should know

Again and again we hear that Wi-Fi networks can be hacked. However, as the hackers go, and what can you do about it?
  • A widespread method of Hacking a wireless network via a fake Access Point ("FakeAP is").
  • Here, the Hacker sends out mostly floods-identification signal, which all with the Wi-Fi connected devices from the network logs off.
  • Thereafter, an Access Point is created with the same name, the Hacking victim connects.
  • Then you will be prompted again for the password of the Wi-Fi. No matter how safe your password so it should be, with a little criminal energy, it is quite possible to get to the data.
  • Alternatively, are also often used so-called "Brute Force attacks". In the process, as long as different combinations of characters are tested, until a suitable combination was found.
  • Create a long password. This is harder to crack. Also, you should connect to an open Wi-Fi of the same Name.
  • A further protection is the Mac addresses-protection. Here you enter the wireless Mac addresses of all your devices in your Router. Thus, only devices that have the password and are registered with the Router to have access to the Wi-Fi.
WPA2-Wi-Fi with FakeAP hack
Disable your wireless connection, if you don't need this. This works either via a switch on your Router or via a schedule in the Router menu.