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With a credit card without a PIN to pay - so it goes

  • Jan 14, 2021
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With your credit card, you can pay for, in many cases, without the PIN. How it works and what restrictions apply, we will explain in this post.

Credit card payment without the PIN so it works

There used to be in the card payment two dominant variants: the payment with PIN entry or signature. Since the hedging is a signature now considered to be unsafe, it is applied only in very few shops. For contactless payments is widespread, becoming stronger.

  • You have a credit card, which is suitable for contactless payment, keep it to the Terminal. A PIN is then required only if your purchase exceeds a certain amount.
  • For holders of a VISA card the maximum amount is for payments without PIN at 50 euros. For Mastercard payments up to 25 euros without a PIN. In both cases, you must use the Numbers, otherwise will also be required for smaller amounts of the PIN.
  • The good news: by 2020, to have all the shops that offer a payment card, a Terminal for contactless payments. If you pay small amounts of money with your credit card, you need always rare your PIN.
  • Also if you use the credit card online to Shop will not be asked for the PIN. In General, you can use the three digit security code located on the back of the card.
  • Forgotten you should not have your PIN yet. To pay larger amounts, or for example, to withdraw money, you need the four-digit pin number as before.
Credit card: The wave symbol shows that you can, contactless and therefore without a PIN to pay (Image: Pixabay)