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Wi-Fi, make sure So that you can secure your network

  • Sep 22, 2020
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Many hackers have specialized in the attack of Wi-Fi networks. As you make your wireless network secure, we will show you in this practical tip.

Wi-Fi safe: Secure encryption and strong password use

The first step for a secure Wi-Fi is a secure encryption and a strong password for your network:
  1. Login to the setup page of your router a.
  2. Under "Wi-Fi, or "safety" you will find the settings for your wireless network.
  3. As a encryption, you should select the "WPA2"Standard. This is currently the safest and most widely used encryption method. Unlike WEP, this is not crack within a short period of time.
  4. Also you should for your network, use a strong password set and use.
Wi-Fi safe: power hedge

Wi-Fi make for sure: Wi-Fi, turn invisible, and change the name of the

Next, you should hide your Wi-Fi, and it is invisible for others. As a result, new devices need to know the exact name of the network and are not able to find it easily.
  1. You re-visit the configuration page for your Wi-Fi network.
  2. There is a setting similar to "Name of the radio network visible", you need to disable.
  3. In addition, we recommend to change the name of your wireless network from the factory setting to deviate. You select, as well as in the case of passwords, a random combination of letters, Numbers, and special characters.
  4. So you can connect to your network, you need to remember the exact name.

Wireless secure static IP, make:-address and MAC-Filter

As a last step, you should use your network with fixed IP addresses and the MAC Filter is switched on:
  1. Disable them in the settings of your router the DHCP Server and set static IP addresses.
  2. Also you should if it is in your Router, the MAC address Filter enable. Thus, only pre-defined MAC address in your network.
  3. In the Filter settings, you must make your own MAC-address to enter.
As your VOIP to make surewe show you in our next practice tip.