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Valuables and jewelry from burglars protect - the best tips

  • Jan 24, 2021
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So that you can protect your valuables against burglars, you should consider carefully, how to hide money, jewellery, and co.. You can read about the hideouts of Criminals already know and what Tricks are safe.

Valuables from burglars protect: Trick or be on the safe side

You have two options to hide your valuables Either they hope to outwit a burglar, or you're playing it safe.

  • There is nothing for a burglar so irrelevant such as your documents. From folders with uninteresting labels, you can build a small hiding place in the Cabinet.
  • You cut the two files from the folders respectively the inner side and put them together, you have a cavity to hide money or jewelry.
  • With the label you can display the folder as the documents to their phone bills or the like.
  • You want to be sure that nothing could be lost, you should rent a safe Deposit box or home Safe install. A Safe should weigh at least 200 kilos and in the wall or in the ground to be anchored so that it can't be stolen.
How to protect you files folders help keep your valuables from burglars
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These hiding places should you avoid

From Film and television, as some intrusion scenarios are known - unfortunately, the burglars. Therefore, even creative hiding places are sometimes not so good to protect your valuables.

  • To hide a key under the flower pot or under a doormat is not a good idea and almost an invitation to burglars.
  • You are not at home, you should leave your valuables to the cloakroom or on the floor. For burglars, the things are a godsend.
  • Money and other valuables in the bed, to hide under the mattress, in a plastic bag in the cistern of the toilet or in the freezer, is creative. Unfortunately, many burglars will look here, but if you're in search of valuables.
  • They also hide anything in the computer casing or in your Blu-ray collection - many thieves take electronics, anyway.