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Vaccination card lost: What to do?

  • Jan 18, 2021
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The vaccination card is an important document in which all vaccinations are recorded, you have received. You have lost it, you can obtain a new certificate of vaccination issued.

Vaccination card lost - they are acting correctly

You have lost the document, you may obtain a new certificate of vaccination from your family doctor issue.

  • An advantage is, if this doctor has made the vaccinations with you. These are then listed in their patient file, which must be kept by the doctor for ten years.
  • However, only the doctor Vaccinate that he has made in his practice allowed to.
  • You have changed your doctor, you need to ask your old doctor to send the documents with the necessary information to your new doctor.
  • Maybe you have also been a vaccination to receive, for example, against Tetanus and had their vaccination card, don't. In this case, you have to obtain a certificate of vaccination.
  • With this detection, you can have the vaccine from your local health Department on the vaccination card night protrude.
  • You can't remember all the vaccinations, or the vaccinations are not to understand, you should re-vaccinate.
  • Although you could know about a blood test, which Vaccinate have already been made. This is, however, quite expensive.
  • There is no health risk if you make a vaccination double-or earlier-than-necessary refresh. In this respect, it is quite reasonable, and if necessary vaccinations to new to perform.
  • Check with your doctor.