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PayPal triangle of fraud: What is it and how can you protect yourself?

  • Jan 14, 2020
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The new Scam is via the Payment service PayPal, is a fraud of the Triangle. We will show you what is it and how to protect yourself from it.

PayPal triangle Scam: how the Scam works

The new mesh will be handled through the Payment service PayPal, is well thought of.
  1. You can set a product for any value (in the example, 100 Euro) on the Internet. The "thief" buys your item.
  2. He gets your PayPal E-Mail address submitted with the payment. At the same time he sells a different item (eg. a mobile phone) for 100 Euro, he has not even once.
  3. A third Person buys this phone for 100 Euro. The thief will not be sent to his PayPal address for the payment, but your.
  4. You will receive 100 euros and want to send the article to the thief. The address for the shipment differs from the address provided with the PayPal payment confirmation. In an intermediate step, the thief asks the Siw to send the goods to an other, deviating from this address. This is also the reason why here is the PayPal seller protection does not work.
  5. After the third Person has waited a long time for your phone and this has not arrived, withdraw the money - your money. Since this unknown Person didn't get the phone apparently, according to PayPal in the right and receives the amount due to the buyer protection to be transferred back.
  6. Ultimately, they are empty: The thief of their subject matter, and nothing paid for it, the unknown Person gets back the money.
The triangle of fraud via PayPal

PayPal-triangle of fraud: how to protect yourself

The PayPal triangle fraud is mesh a nasty. If you pay attention to a few things that will not happen to you something so simple.
  • You follow the seller guidelines to ensure. In this case, that means: The shipment of goods should always be done with proof (shipping documents) to the address that appears on the transaction details page.
  • If asked by the buyer, to send to a different address, you should be suspicious. You are sending always to the "transaction details" on the listed address and reject calls, to send goods to other addresses.
  • Always check carefully that the Bank Transfer your money to PayPal. This means: Check in particular the use purpose that this fits in with your sale.
  • You send your sold goods by registered post and not to packing stations. In this way, you will get a legal proof with of the delivered address and a signature. So you have to in case of doubt, the address and signature of the swindler.
  • There is never a hundred percent guarantee, the personal exchange of "money for goods", of course, the safest.
  • Comes to you in the PayPal Transfer a little funny before, so report it immediately using the PayPal conflict resolution.
  • You should be a victim of this Scam has become, you in any case, immediately filed a criminal complaint with the police sub-template of the entire purchase process.

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