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Onewheel: Germany is not)allowed to Drive, with electric Board (

  • May 28, 2020
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Of America, the Onewheel has already found a long time ago on his way to Germany. A customized and permanent control of the motorized Companion is yet to be established.

What is the OneWheel is?

  • A OneWheel is a kind of electric Skateboard with only a large, middle-placed.
  • Is controlled the craft by shifting your weight. On the front foot, you move forward a similar principle as in the already well-known Segway.
  • By means of the gyroscope and Sensors, the Balance is kept, so that you and sit Back not to lose balance.
  • According to the manufacturer, the OneWheel moves, depending on the driving mode, and up to 25 kilometers per hour and can cover with one battery charge up to twelve kilometers distance.
A final rule for the OneWheel there are not in Germany yet

OneWheel in road transport: regulation in Germany

  • In Germany, such motorise vehicles that are driving faster than six kilometers per hour are classified as subject to authorisation.
  • To obtain such approval, would have to sheet the OneWheel, however, such as other vehicles, with protection, reverse lights, etc. are equipped in order to be considered as fit for the road.
  • Since this is not on the E-Skateboard is applicable, it is not possible for the OneWheel, such as Segways, to allow for it in road transport to use.
  • Accordingly, it is according to the current law, it is not possible to use the OneWheel in the public transport area.
  • Driving on the sidewalk or in the pedestrian zone is not allowed, however, because it is classified as a "motor vehicle". You can use the OneWheel, therefore, only on Private land.