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LastPass vs 1Password - password Manager in comparison

  • Aug 08, 2020
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Lastpass and 1password are both popular password Manager. So you can make an informed decision about which of the programs to your needs, we have both compared to each other.

Lastpass vs. 1password: The prices in comparison

First of all, we want to compare the prices of the two programs.

  • In the case of LastPass , you can first get a month free trial select. After that, you pay for the Premium subscription 2,63€ in the month, and for the family subscription, with up to 6 users 3,52€ per month.
  • 1Password also requires 2,63€ per month for a family subscription with up to 5 users, you pay 4,39€ and for each additional Person€ 0.88, up in addition. Also here you can test the service first for free.

The security of the password Manager

An important aspect of password managers is the security. In trust such things as passwords, trusted, this must be correspondingly high.

  • With LastPass you create a private Master password is fixed, the even LastPass does not know himself. As a result, no Hacker should be able to access it. The data will be encrypted on your device and are only there to be decoded.
  • Also in the case of 1Password, you specify a known only to you the Master password. Your data are encrypted end-to-end and the key is secured on your device with your Master password.
Set a Master password in LastPass
(Image: Screenshot)

Functions and availability of the two services

Also important is whether or not the password Manager on all your devices use and which functions they have.

  • LastPass and 1Password are available as a browser extension, an App for Android and iOS, and available on Windows and Mac.
  • With LastPass you can use the data of your Online banking, your E-Mail Accounts and all of your Social Media accounts to store and automatically insert leave.
  • In the case of 1Password, you can store all of the user names and passwords to your Apps and web pages behind the login fields automatically fill in.
LastPass on multiple devices.
(Image: Screenshot)