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iZettle costs - all prices at a Glance

  • Jan 13, 2021
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For the use of the mobile POS system iZettle costs. You need various accessories to the service they use. In addition, fees for the use of traps.

Costs for the purchase of iZettle

Thus, the mobile POS system of iZettle can leverage different costs.

  • Generally speaking, you need for iZettle, a Smartphone or a Tablet, what the System is controlled.
  • If you buy extra for the use of iZettle, a mobile device, you need to expect to pay 200 Euro for a Smartphone, or from about 350 Euro for a Tablet.
  • Furthermore, you need the card reader from iZettle. This is priced at iZettle directly around 79 Euro. At Amazon you can use the reading device for cards from 95 euros to acquire.
  • To do this, you need the Dock, which loads the reader and keeps. This costs about 49 euros from the manufacturer.
  • You want to print purchase receipts, you must purchase a receipt printer. At iZettle, you can buy the from 229 euros. At Amazon you will receive a printer from 116 euros.
  • If you want to also accept cash, you will need load possibly a cash register. iZettle offers this for 69 Euro. In the case of Amazon, there are Cash drawers from 53,40 Euro.
  • Both iZettle, as well as at Amazon you can Sets how to Store Kits or a printer plus a card reader. These are usually cheaper than acquiring accessories individually.

Fees of iZettle

After you have made all purchases for the use of iZettle, there are still the costs for the System itself.

  • With iZettle there is no contract and no monthly usage fees.
  • For the transaction from the debit cards of 0.95 percent of the purchase amount to fall.
  • For all other cards 2.75% will be charged per transaction.
  • The basic use of Go is free of charge. Here, you can create a product listing, revenue capture, payments by card, accept, and reports and statistics.
  • The Premium Account "Go Plus" monthly costs 39 Euro. Here you have all the features of the basic account, plus a built-in Online store, iZettle E-Commerce, Premium Support from iZettle and lifetime warranty on the iZettle Reader 2.
  • The Accounts are, according to iZettle cancellable at any time.
With costs for purchase and usage you must expect in the case of iZettle. (Image: Pixabay)