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Insects in the Christmas tree: what you should know

  • May 29, 2020
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Of 25,000 insects in a Christmas tree - this is the result of a study by the University of Bergen in Norway. In addition to balls and candles make it a mites and moths in your living room comfortably. Everything you should know about it, you can find here.

Up to 25,000 insects in your Christmas tree

The Nordmann fir or the blue spruce is as much a part of Christmas as potato salad, silent night , and a cinnamon star. However, with the Christmas tree unwanted guests come into the living room: insects.

  • Bark lice, mites, moths, small spiders but also ticks can hide in your Christmas tree. The University in Bergen, Norway, found that up to 25,000 animals are in a tree.
  • During the winter months, the insects, keep in the free nature winter sleep. As soon as you get the animals in their warm living room, you will feel the pleasant temperature and they think it's spring. You Wake up and become active.
  • In the house you will find, however, no adequate food supply within the shortest period of time, you die. Except for some species of beetles, which feed on the bark and the trunk of the tree.
  • Overall, you have nothing to fear, the majority of the baby animals is harmless - most of them are so small that you will not even notice them.
  • Only with ticks, you should be careful. Check after the Decorating of the tree, whether a tick on your body has bitten. Small babies should not be on the crawl best under the tree.
Insects in the Christmas tree: The you can do about it
(Image: Pixabay)

So you avoid the unpleasant animal

Even if the creepy crawlies are harmless, just the feeling that, in addition to mulled wine and Spekulatius somewhere small cattle lice crawling around, not just for cheerfulness. Don't worry, with a few small Tricks to keep the insects from the living area.

  • Before setting up the Christmas tree in the living room, you should him in the basement or in the Garage between the bearings. It is important that the temperature is about eight degrees. From this temperature, the insects awaken and go in search of food and die after a short period of time. If you can lay out your tree so first a couple of days in the basement, the living area for sure.
  • Shake the tree well before he was in the trunk of your car lands. Through the Shaking, most of the insects from the foliage and the Branches will fall out.
  • In the normal case, the dealer before the purchase. So you have nothing to worry about.