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Google Pay doesn't work - you can do

  • Jan 16, 2021
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With Google Pay the Pay with the Smartphone is designed to be very easy. However, it can happen that Google Pay to work. What you can do in the case, you will learn the following practical tip.

Google Pay doesn't work - so you can fix the Problem

There are many reasons why Google Pay is not functioning normally. With the following tips, you can fix the Problem.

  • Make sure that the NFC connection of the smartphone is enabled. If necessary, you need to turn off the Offline mode.
  • The error message "NFC read error" or "NFC service stopped" the cause may be protective cases or credit cards in the vicinity of the Smartphones are. Remove the casing of this your protection, and keep other credit cards during the payment process.
  • Check whether the latest Version of the App installed on their Smartphone is. Go to the Google Play Store and look under "My Apps and games" for new updates.
  • Also, the latest Version of a new device to the App in the solution of the problem will help. Delete and Install the App again. Alternatively, you can also go in the settings under "Apps" on Google Pay and there under "storage" to "data delete" button. Then you can set up the payment service.
  • Also make sure that a stable Internet connection is made. You can ensure this by Accessing websites or any other Apps.
  • Also, could a restart of your smartphone will help the error to eliminate it.
  • In the case of Samsung Smartphones may be the Problem is in the connection settings. To do this, go into the settings under "connectivity", "NFC payment" and then on "tap and Pay". Select including Google Pay, and the service should work again as usual.

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