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Germs on a plane: how to protect yourself

  • May 29, 2020
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Particularly in aircraft, it may be useful to protect yourself from germs. This is because there is a relatively small area, many people stop.

Protection from germs on the plane – these are the options you have

To protect yourself from the germs on the plane, is not quite so simple. With these precautions, you will reduce the risk.

  • In the view of scientists, occupied the seats on the aisle most likely to germinate. A measure, therefore, is to book possible is always a window seat.
  • Since it is not so easy, on Board regularly and thoroughly wash hands, it makes sense a packet of disinfectant wipes to take with you. Wipe off directly after all of the plastic elements to sit down, such as seat backs and folding table. In order to remove at least some of the germs.
  • In addition to the disinfectant wipes, should you still have some disposable gloves pack. It looks a bit strange, but if you wear the gloves as soon as you go to the toilet, you will reduce the risk of Infection. Keep in mind that in particular the door handle and the Spülknopf are usually charged very germ.
  • Otherwise, the rule is: your hands Regularly with disinfectant wipes wipe, and not with the hands touch the face.
  • Do not place food directly on the folding table. Before you eat, best way to clean the hands.
  • The Blankets and pillows, it is a little more difficult. Often these are exchanged only once a day. If possible, you should thus dispense with the utensils.
With these tips, you can protect yourself from germs on a plane
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Aircraft at these Places germs lurk most often

In the aircraft a relatively large number, in some cases even dangerous germs, really come as a surprise to anyone aircraft to fly around the whole world. But when we go on holiday and on the blue plane to sit to take a seat, we are usually in a good mood and full of anticipation. Unpleasant things such as disease or germs, displace, we then like to.

  • In recent times, research teams from the Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena, and the University of Arizona, with disease of the witnesses pathogens in flight apart. The scientists studied, where, how many and what kind of bacteria and germs in the machine. The results of the different studies are similar.
  • In the investigation, germs were found, of different species, many of which are pathogenic. In addition to flu viruses, the researchers found, among other things, E-Coli-bacteria and antibiotics-resistant germs. Some even survived for several days on the plane.
  • The germs were not only in Places like the toilet, where you are expected. In fact, the researchers found that the seats on the aisle and porous surfaces were most burdened. Passengers go down the aisle, holding often to the backrest and leave a colorful variety of germs.
  • Porous surfaces are always breeding grounds for bacteria and germs, this is also true in airplanes. In a study by the University of Arizona found that about 50 percent of the studied folding tables were loaded with germs. These were part of the dangerous germs, such as MRSA or norovirus.
  • Furthermore, it was contaminated in approximately the same amount of seat pockets. Frequently were influenza virus, which is obvious, since many of the passengers to stow away their used tissues in the pockets.

Is your flight is overbooked, it may happen that the aircraft not enter. This is annoying, reduces, however, the Contagion and crash risk for you considerably.