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Fake Virus-create - instructions and Downloads

  • Sep 25, 2020
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To shock a friend or colleague something, you can Fake it, for example, a Virus a cheer. Such a fun program you can download either or with very few programming skills, but also self-create. Everything you need to do this, we have compiled in this practical tip.

Fake Virus with a Batch create

A simple Fake Virus, you can program with Batch easily. Basically, you only need to go to the text editor. More complex Batch programs can also be downloaded from the Internet and have the advantage that you can edit the Code easily.
  1. Better suited to the programming of Batch files is the advanced text editor "Notepad++".
  2. First, create a new text document.
  3. For a simple fun program, you can enter "@echo off Start Start Start Start". Each "Start" you put in a new row.
  4. By "Start" will open a new console window. The more times you enter, therefore, "Start", the more of your friend's Computer is bombarded with new console Windows.
  5. By "Start calc.exe" or "Start www.google.com" will also open the calculator, or a website.
  6. You then save the document with the extension ".from the bat".
  7. In order for your file serious effect, you can use this with the "Bat to Exe Converter" in one. EXE file to convert and a new insert Symbol.
  8. Finished a Batch of Fake viruses and instructions on how to Batch programming there is, for example, on the website Batch-Center.de. Here you can also make a Fake Virus download.
Fake Virus with a Batch create

Fun-Virus programming with Visual Basic Script

With Visual Basic Script nice" Fake-viruses can also be "programs create. Also you don't need more than the text editor.
  1. The Code of a Fake Virus using VBScript, you will find, for example, instructables.com.
  2. This is the Code you need to copy in your text document as ".vbs" save it.
  3. When you run the program, at first appears to be an alleged message from "Windows Defender".
  4. Then, the user is asked whether he was afraid.
  5. The final step is to pretending that directories will be deleted. The message "Just kidding ;)" reveals, however, that everything was just a bit of fun.
Joke program program with VBS

Joke program for Windows - mouse, hide the pointer and move

The most important Instrument for the Use of a computer is the mouse. To spin stupid, if the at once begins.
  1. Something goes on the program "mouse joke".
  2. Here the mouse is caught hand around in a corner or the mouse buttons will be swapped.
  3. The effect is not very scary - especially if you expect it.
  4. After a few seconds, the spook is over and the victim is redeemed.
Fun program captures the mouse
Still not enough? In the next article, we will show you the best and nastiest technique-tricks, with which your colleagues can attach.